WPL’s Diamond Sewage Treatment Offers Clear Benefits

Since compliance with EN 12566-3 became mandatory in July 2008 for small wastewater treatment systems (up to 50 persons), some manufacturers’ plants are still not fully tested and accredited with the CE marked.

By choosing a plant from the WPL Diamond range (available through builders’ merchants) self-builders, developers, architects, specifiers and homeowners are assured their wastewater treatment solution meets all current regulations.

The Diamond is specifically designed for simple installation, efficient performance, odour free treatment and low maintenance with no internal moving parts.

Products with the CE Mark reassure the purchaser that the product meets the essential requirements of relevant European Directives relating to health and safety. But what does CE accreditation mean for wastewater treatment systems?

Independent tests are undertaken to assess the system’s sewage treatment efficiency and ensure it meets the required process performance standard. The levels of BOD5 (the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed in 5 days by biological processes), Suspended Solids and Ammonia NH4-N are all tested for a specified volume of incoming ‘standard’ effluent to determine the plant’s efficiency.

The Diamond is also fully compliant with UK Building Regulations and standard Environment Agency and SEPA specifications.

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