WPL Improves Its Rainwater Harvesting Range

WPL Ltd is pleased to announce that they have added the Platin tank to their range of Rainwater Harvesting products.

This low profile, light tank is extremely easy to install and requires minimal excavation due to its shallow depth. The Platin tank can be installed above or below ground and is ideally suited to high water table (HWT) areas and rocky ground. Furthermore, it is suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle loading (version dependant) with the lid sitting flush with the ground.  

This latest addition to WPL’s product offering is suitable for Garden and Home systems and comes in four sizes; 1500l, 3000l, 5000l and 7500l. The Platin replaces the Rondus as it is very easy to install and the larger tank cover allows for easier maintenance.

The Platin forms part of WPL’s Rainwater Harvesting range and sits within the RainRetain Premium Domestic category alongside the Carat tank which is used in home and garden situations not in a HWT area. The Home systems use cutting edge pump and filter technology and the intelligent pump automatically switches between mains and rainwater as required.

Integrated filter technology

The integrated filter sits directly below the tank cover in the spacious tank dome. It requires minimal maintenance due to its self-cleaning capabilities and should the tank need to be inspected, the filter can be effortlessly removed.

Unobtrusive tank cover

The Platin rainwater harvesting tank has a telescopic dome shaft which allows for height adjustment between 455 and 655mm. It also can be titled by 5o and features a child-proof lock and the garden system includes a hose connection.

Large tank dome


The width of the dome shaft is 800mm, allowing for simple filter installation and maintenance.

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