Worth its weight in gold!

Ideal for heating conservatories, garden rooms, small extensions and caravans, the new Aztec Gold wall mounted electric boiler from Trianco is a convenient and neat all in-one-unit (including pump and expansion vessel) which may be used with radiators or underfloor heating systems. Trianco’s Aztec Gold is launched initially as a 2kW model, although 3kW and 4kW versions will follow, and it can be plugged in to a normal 13-amp socket or hard wired into a 30-amp ring main. As it is a totally self-contained unit, the only other connections are the flow and return central heating pipes so the unit is not only compact, in a durable stove enamel-finished casing, but is also incredibly easy to install.

Temperature outputs for the Aztec Gold vary from 35°c to 75°c and it works by passing water over long life replaceable stainless steel elements housed in an insulated copper heat exchanger. Boasting an incredible 99.8% efficiency the unit will heat an average size conservatory of 20m². A key benefit of the Aztec Gold is that, since it produces no noxious gases, it requires no flue so can be sited virtually anywhere.

The Aztec range of electric boilers already has a proven track record and, once switched on, the Aztec Gold is fully controlled by a solid-state management system, which automatically monitors its safety and running functions. Virtually maintenance free, it has self-diagnostic checking, soft switching to preserve element life and prevent interference, a resettable thermal safety cutout and is compatible with solar power. A two-year manufacturer’s guarantee provides the installer with peace of mind.

Peter Ferguson, Trianco’s managing director, comments: “The Aztec Gold is an exciting new product that opens up huge opportunities and new markets by providing an all in-one-unit. With over 250,000 conservatories fitted each year in the UK, we are the pioneer of this type of integrated solution and, whether retro fit or a brand new installation, it solves all the problems that would otherwise be associated with extending an existing central heating system.”

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