Worcester launch new energy efficient heat pumps

Worcester, Bosch Group is further expanding its portfolio of energy efficient heating solutions with the launch of a new range of ground source heat pumps for the UK market.

Following on from the success of its ‘Greenskies’ solar panels, Worcester’s ‘Greenstore’ Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) are designed for domestic applications with the aim of meeting the demand for heating in a more energy efficient and environmentally sound way.

Worcester’s Greenstore GSHPs are used to heat a house more efficiently by drawing energy from the ground and delivering it to the building. Systems use a compressor and pump to remove heat from one side of the circuit and transfer it to the other side.

GSHPs are designed, using thermodynamic principles to take energy from the ground and use it to meet the heating and hot water requirements of an entire household. By harnessing the energy stored in the ground, they can provide heat with a lower running cost than standard boilers.

Using the same principles as an ordinary domestic fridge, GSHPs use a water and glycol mixture, which is pumped around a collector circuit, causing the refrigerant to turn into a gas. This refrigerant passes through a compressor, making the temperature rise. The hot gas moves to a condenser and the latent energy is released into a heating circuit.

The most common options available to obtain energy from the ground include horizontal collectors, compact collectors and vertical collectors.

Horizontal collectors come in a variety of forms. One example is a 40mm plastic pipe, buried to a depth of between 80cm - 100cm below the ground. The length of pipe required depends upon how much energy is to be extracted from the earth, as well as other factors such as the type of soil the pipe is buried in and the moisture content of the soil surrounding it. As a rough guideline, you can usually expect to extract around 15w of energy from the ground per meter of pipe installed.

Compact collectors are more suitable for installations where external space is limited. These collectors are designed to be buried at an angle beneath the ground, in rows of up to 11 panels in a series. This type of collector is a plastic tubular panel, around 1.5m wide by 2m deep. When buried, the top collector is covered to a depth of 1m and the bottom is sunk to a depth of 1.3m below the ground.

For properties with more limited external space, borehole or vertical collectors are the best option. In general, a borehole installation is able to generate a higher yield from the ground in watts per metre than a horizontal collector. This means the length of active collector required is typically less than that required for the horizontal option.

Tony Nott, Product Manager for New Technologies at Worcester, said: “A fantastic example of sustainable energy, GSHPs will become hugely valuable to the consumer, as they promise to reduce household bills significantly. Renewable technology is at the top of the agenda and our Greenstore ground source heat pumps are a going to make a big impact in our homes over the next few years.

“With the Government’s ‘Home Information Pack’ set to encourage house buyers to consider the energy efficiency of their home, sustainable energy is becoming more of a priority for British people. The requirement of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20% by 2010, means we must pay more attention to the energy efficiency of our homes.”

Heat pumps work at their most efficient state when the flow temperature is lower. They are therefore particularly suitable for underfloor heating. However, Worcester’s Greenstore heat pumps have the advantage of a 65oC maximum flow temperature, which means they are entirely suitable for the production of hot water in addition to the lower flow temperatures required by underfloor heating systems.

A new two day training course has been introduced at Worcester’s state of the art, purpose built training facility, resulting in Logic certification for the installer. This is a valuable opportunity for installers to add renewables to their product portfolio

For more information on Worcester, Bosch Group’s ground source heat pumps and its extensive range of other products and services call 08705 266241 or visit www.worcester-bosch.co.uk.

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