Wood as good as nature in reducing stress?

We have entered a new golden age of science, culture, health and well being, As our society becomes more and more developed so every aspect of our lives is improved and it is vital to have a strong foundation of good health.

In this day and age the construction industry makes important leaps into the future, homes and offices become smarter and sustainable. As you may well know, trees act as air filters and Carbon storage natural devices, therefore reducing not only CO2 air pollutants greenhouse effects but also offers us our precious oxygen and building material as well, In fact trees act as carbon sinks. Great thermal, acoustic and electro-magnetic insulation are also worth mentioning.

"Wood has psychological effects on people and a similar stress-reducing effect to nature," says Marjut Wallenius, a Docent and Doctor of Psychology at the University of Tampere. Studies carried out in Japan, Norway, Canada and Austria, show that timber has positive emotional and somatic effects on people. They have observed a normalising effect in the pulse and blood pressure and an overall calming effect.

Bright Forest Ltd can offer the German NUR-HOLZ prefabricated solid timber high quality homes. U values of 0.1 can be achieved using . Worth to mention our colleagues in Holland have managed to build the most sustainable office building ever, BREEAM score: 99.94%.

Bright Forest Ltd, based in London, is the general importer of the German building product NUR-HOLZ, prefabricated solid timber high quality homes. NUR-HOLZ comes in all natural cross-laminated timber panels, it uses timber hardwood dowels for fitting the timber layers together.

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