Wirral Methodist Housing Association Selects Jaga Strada to Provide Quality, Affordable Homes

Ledbury, 7th February 2007; The Strada radiator from Jaga Heating Products has been selected for a newly-built social housing project by Wirral Methodist Housing Association. The project in New Brighton, on The Wirral consists of four bungalows that provide quality and affordable homes for families who have disabled children.

The Strada was selected for the bedrooms, kitchen and living spaces for its high energy efficiency derived from its low mass, low water content. With only one tenth of the weight and water content of an ordinary radiator, the super-powered Low-H20 element offers ultra-fast and perfectly regulated heating, with a reaction speed three times faster than equivalent output steel panel radiators. As heat is only emitted when needed, on average 10% less energy is consumed. In line with Wirral Methodist Housing Association's commitment to providing affordable quality homes, this results in long-term savings on heating costs for the tenants and actively fights fuel poverty.

As the Low-H20 heat emitters offer perfect regulation it ensures heating comfort and gives better air distribution and circulation for residents, warming even the furthest corners of the room. This ensures that an entire room within the dwelling is heated to the same perfectly controlled temperature preventing humidity or mould formulation in cold spots.

Aesthetics were also an important consideration. Dave Corran, Development Manager for Wirral Methodist Housing Association said "We have been very impressed with the new radiators, particularly with how they look - there is no exposed pipe work and they do not cause any obstruction to residents". The Strada has a small "footprint" with minimal intrusion on the tenant's living space yet provides rapid, comfortable warmth.

It was also important that the heating system selected by the Housing Association remained intrinsically safe for all residents. This was particularly pertinent on the new project which houses families with disabled children who may be more vulnerable to injury from a hot radiator. As the most vulnerable they are also the most at risk as they may not realise the dangers or be able to react quickly enough to prevent injury when touching a dangerously hot radiator surface. The surface temperature of the Jaga Strada radiator remains safe to touch at all times, eliminating the threat of burns as from a traditional steel panel radiator.

The Strada allows a more practical and cost effective installation procedure for Wirral Methodist Housing Association as a two-stage installation aids both initial fixing and future redecoration. Low mass, Low-H20 heat emitters are lighter than steel panel radiators, weighing only 5kg, so they can be handled and installed by one person safely whereas more traditional radiators usually require a two man team. Furthermore, with its robust casing the Strada will prove to be more durable.

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