Winter is coming...

With winter evenings drawing in, it is essential that cycle parking areas are adequately lit. The perfect product for this is the VELOPA Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand, which offers cyclists and site owners secure cycle storage alongside an innovative lighting solution.

The illuminated stand is simple to install but, as with all illuminated products, the key to successfully installing them is preparation. Follow the simple tips below to ensure a perfect installation every time.

Check your stands and power packs: There are two power packs available, one which supports up to 6 stands, and one for up to 16. Make sure you have the appropriate pack for the number of illuminated stands you are installing. Unsure? Give AUTOPA a call.

Perfect positioning: Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stands need bolting to a concrete base at least 300mm deep. Check that stands can be easily connected to the power pack and have enough space for bicycles to be secured either side (we recommend spacing them 800mm apart and 450mm from any other obstacle).

Excavate a channel: Before bolting the stands to the floor excavate a narrow channel for the wiring to sit in. This channel needs to run underneath the leg of each stand, be careful that it doesn’t travel underneath any bolt locations.

Powering the Stands

Each stand is supplied with the LED already fitted and a wire tail. These tails need wiring in series using a suitable cable (at least 1.5mm thick) before they are connected to the power pack.

Be careful when working with mains electricity. All electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician, wearing suitable PPE at all times. Always test that the LEDs work as expected before you bolt the stands to the ground.

Expert Tip: To hold the stands securely in place as you wire them in, loosely bolt them to the ground (one bolt per flange is enough).

Fitting the Stands

Once wired in, finish bolting the stands down securely. Always turn off the electricity supply to the stands before you do this.

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