Window Master achieves certified first

Window Master (Scotland) Ltd has become the first fabricator in the UK to achieve a successful BS 7950 test result with windows made using the newly-introduced Rehau Geneo profile system.

The Glasgow-based fabricator secured its triple-glazed tilt & turn sashes with the well-established Roto NT ‘R’ concealed hardware. The result has been a pass without incident at Chiltern Dynamics.

Window Master markets its products with the phrase, “Windows for the future, today”, and emphasises a commitment to providing the highest possible standards of energy efficiency and sound insulation along with minimal maintenance.

“The Rehau Geneo profile combined with the Roto NT ‘R’ system provides us with all these qualities,” says Managing Director Jim Brogan.

“The exceptional performance of the Roto hardware not only gives us break-in protection to all current standards, but we know from Roto’s testing results in Germany that their products are more than capable of enabling windows to meet all the EN security and weather testing standards that may be introduced in the foreseeable future. This is how we are able to give our clients high levels of investment security and help ensure long-term value for their property”.

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