Wikihouse 4.0: open source design for housing

Wikihouse 4.0 is a not-for-profit prototype project bringing open-source design to the built environment. With architects Zero Zero and Arup engineers we are constructing the worlds first low-energy house which anyone can download, adapt, ‘print’ and assemble for themselves in a few days, with no construction skills and for under £50k. The installation will be built outside The Building Centre in Central London for the London Design Festival 2014.

The installation, exhibition and associated events programme will explore how this technology might affect the UK housing crisis by scaling up the self build market. We will also look at the possibilities for using this cheap and quick construction method for worldwide disaster zones.

Wikihouse 4.0 is the most progressive project to come from the Wikihouse community. Prototype designs have been freely shared, CNC cut in wood and fitted together on projects worldwide. Working with Arup engineers, we will demonstrate how we can also 'plug in' materials, building products, electricity and services to create a fully functioning home.

The Wikihouse movement is led by Alastair Parvin, you can see his TED talk ‘Architecture for the people, by the people’ here.

The installation and exhibition are completely free for people to explore. A guide will be on hand daily to explain the project. Please see our Event Page for more information about associated events.

The project is part of the London Design Festival and Design Junction's West End Design Quarter

For press enquiries, image requests or offers to take part in the project please contact Jenny Watt

Led by:
The Building Centre | Arup Engineers | Zero Zero

Sponsored by:
Future Cities Catapult | Ordnance Survey, Geovation Project | SmartPly OSB by Coillte

With support from:
ADUNIC | EldoLED | Geocel | Pilkinton Glass | SimonsWerk | UPM ProFi


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