WikiHouse 4.0 moves to Liverpool

WikiHouse 4.0 hit the headlines in September. Our offering for the London Design Festival with Arup and Zero Zero Architects explored open source architecture and took 'WikiHouse', a platform for sharing designs and digitally manufacturing buildings, physically to the next level. This was the worlds first two storey WikiHouse, it explored the possibilities of digital fabrication and showcased new construction processes.

Now WikiHouse 4.0, which was featured in The Times, BBC, Independent, CBS News, ArchDaily and more is now making its way to Liverpool to start its new life as part of a social enterprise scheme. The house was dismantled in three days with no damage to the structure. It was transported in one lorry to Liverpool where it will be rebuilt as part of a regeneration project by Friends of the Flyover who plan to turn a disused flyover into a community pedestrian and cycle-friendly promenade in the sky. The project, with many similarities to the Highline in New York, will include cafes, planting and allotments tended by the local community and education establishments.

Visit Friends of the Flyover at

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