Wienerberger lightens up its architectural range

Wienerberger, the world’s largest brick manufacturer, has launched a new off-white brick to complement its architectural range. The Denton Smooth Cream is the latest addition to the Terca portfolio of bricks which offers a subtle spectrum of white and off-white colours.

Architects and specifiers seeking a light coloured brick now have the choice of a dozen individual tones with a range of sizes, textures and finishes including smooth, creased, or a handcrafted appearance. And with 11 manufacturing and distribution sites across the UK, there is sure to be a light, bright or white option close at hand.

Mark Morris, sales and marketing director for Wienerberger, said the firm was keen to launch new products to meet customer demand. He said: “The Denton Smooth Cream has been developed in response to a growing fashion for smooth, monotone products which are often found in the exterior of commercial buildings and as an alternative for traditional stone finishes.

“One of the main features for specifiers is that the Denton Smooth Cream offers a consistent, strong cream colour, without blemishes, and is perfect for both commercial and residential projects where a clean, crisp appearance is desired, and is ideal for creating intricate detailing as part of a clay brick façade.

“In addition, this brick is manufactured using 100 per cent recycled (MARSS) content, making it one of the most eco-friendly in our portfolio and enabling it to be specified without having to compromise on environmental standards.”

Cream and white bricks are becoming increasingly popular for use in creating clean lines in contemporary architecture. Historically, the pale pallet has traditionally been associated with buildings in the Cambridgeshire region and, as the Denton Smooth Cream echoes that vernacular, it is expected to be popular in Eastern England. Equally the creamy finish is ideal for anyone wanting to use brick in an area where stone is prevalent such as Yorkshire and the Cotswolds.

Also available from Wienerberger are a range of other light shades including the Olde Ivory White, which has a handcrafted appearance, and the soft mud Super White which has a creased texture. The Platinum White, by contrast, has an engineered edge to create a sharp, uniform finish, ideal for contemporary commercial and residential schemes, and can be manufactured in three different sizes.

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