Wienerberger Launches ZeroPlus™ Mortar

The innovative thin-joint mortar has been launched by Wienerberger just ahead of the winter cold snap. The ZeroPlus thin-joint mortar is specially formulated for the temperatures of 3°c and rising.

The innovation should reduce downtime and extend build programmes longer through the winter months than ever before, according to Wienerberger’s Porotherm sales director Darren White. It is estimated this could extend working time overall by up to two weeks in a typical winter, helping to maintain build programmes and secure employment for bricklayers over the period.

He said: “Last winter was particularly harsh and we took many calls from builders using Porotherm asking if it could be used at close to zero degrees so they could start work earlier in the day. While the blocks themselves would be fine, the mortar suffers the same fate as traditional types when it gets close to freezing.

Faster construction speed is one of the main benefits of using Porotherm but it became clear to us that the industry was experiencing a huge loss of time thanks to the prolonged cold weather. It follows, therefore, that development of products with higher frost resistance and faster drying times will offer great potential as winters continue to get colder and last longer.


“It is already widely understood that thin-joint mortar offers benefits as a quick drying technique, but the challenge of near freezing temperatures was one we had not yet tackled. Although the 3°c is the cut-off point for most mortar products, we asked the question if it was possible to find a solution which would also maintain performance and quality.

“Now, in just under 12 months, we have developed, tested and launched a solution which offers all the existing benefits of our thin-joint mortar, and also performs at lower temperatures than ever before. In simple terms, specifying Porotherm for internal and cavity walls can significantly reduce the time wasted onsite. With ZeroPlus, builders can continue to work with Porotherm in temperatures from zero°c and rising, with confidence.”

Exclusive to Wienerberger for use with the Porotherm system, the specially formulated ZeroPlus mortar was commissioned from adhesive specialists Nicholls and Clarke, based in Stoke on Trent.


The Porotherm system can enable construction speeds up to five times faster than traditional masonry methods, thanks to the use of precision engineered blocks, thin, quick drying mortar and associated components. The unique honeycomb design of the blocks provides walls with thermal insulation properties, while the blocks themselves are 100 per cent recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

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