Wienerberger introduces seven new products to its wall portfolio

Wienerberger, one of the UK’s leading providers of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, has recently launched seven new products to its extensive wall portfolio.


Amongst the recently launched products is the 73mm Weathered Sandblast. Primarily used in the North West, this is a brown bodied, extruded wirecut brick with a course sand coverage applied to the face. The Weathered Sandblast is manufactured at the Denton factory and has been specifically developed for the repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) market.


The Kingshurst Multi is the 65mm brick from the Waresley factory. The blend of red and orange hues with the natural through-colour hearting in this new brick makes it ideal for a wide range of developments from large scale housing to one-off builds.


Wienerberger is also launching new products in the Staffordshire range. The Staffordshire Smooth Cream, Staffordshire Cream Dragfaced, Staffordshire Smooth Golden and Staffordshire Golden Dragfaced will be produced at the Kingsbury factory. These 65mm extruded bricks are ideal for specification projects, commercial developments and select housing projects. They have been developed to expand and complement the existing range of popular Staffordshire brick colours successfully launched earlier in the year – including the market leading range of blue bricks, as well as the Staffordshire Smooth Brown, Staffordshire Brown Dragfaced, Staffordshire Red Dragfaced and Staffordshire Smooth Crimson. Customers are now able to get high quality cream, buff, red, brown and blue bricks in both smooth and dragfaced textures from one location.


To add to the revamped portfolio, Wienerberger has also launched a new product called Hestia Multi into its market leading range of handformatic bricks. This orange multi stock brick has a machine-made creased texture designed to replicate the handcrafted effect of handmade bricks and is suited to a wide range of housing projects.


Richard Brown, Wall Category Marketing Manager at Wienerberger, commented: “With the construction industry showing signs of real growth over the last few weeks, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to our customers. We are constantly striving to improve the scope and range of our brick portfolio, and the introduction of these seven fresh products is a great example of that.”


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