Why You Should Consider Bespoke Wood Flooring For Your Home

More than anything, your floors can set the tone for the kind of aesthetic and overall feel,

especially if you pursue bespoke designed wood flooring, customized to you and your



Here are a few reasons why you should consider bespoke wood flooring in the design of your



1. Personal Customization: When you work with our team at TimberZone, we provide a

variety of color options, hard-waxes, and more for a totally customized wood floor

result. We understand that you might not want just another run-of-the-mill wood floor

that everyone else has. That’s why we work with you to personally customize a wood

texture and tone that you feel is reflective of your style and vision for your home.


2. Durability: Investing in home floors can be expensive; it’s something you want to spend

time considering before you make the final decision. Luckily, with wood flooring, it can

last for over 100-years, making it the most durable material for a home floor available

on the market today. Structurally sound and able to support your friends and family,

you can rest assured that if you choose a TimberZone designed wood floor, you won’t

have to worry about it for the remainder of your life.


3. Easy Maintenance: As an on the go individual, you don’t have time to carefully clean

and scrape away at your floors every single day. You need a solution that is easy to clean

and take care of, no matter how many spills or scuff marks show up. Wood floors can

withstand plenty of traffic, and with our hard-wax oil finishes, spills will come up in just

one swipe with a paper towel or dish rag. Made of hard, withstanding wood, never

worry about permanently destroying your floors again.



Here at TimberZone, we do everything custom for our clients, offering over 100 chemical-free

hard-wax oils and bespoke color options that enable you to create the hardwood flooring of your

dreams. We keep an inclusive stock of floors that consist of popular, as well as incredibly rare,

wood flooring Essex products. Our team of experts takes you through the best options so that

you are able to make an informed, bespoke decision you feel good about. 

We also offer free floor samples so you can have the swatches laid out for a visual overview.

If you’re tasked with selecting the materials for a new home or apartment this year, consider

the indisputable benefits and beauty of going with a bespoke wood floor – courtesy of us!


Learn more about TimberZone at: www.timberzone.co.uk

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