Why Copper Guttering….

Copper has long been the preferred material for guttering in Europe where, over the last 20 years, it has almost totally replaced plastic systems and it is now growing in popularity throughout the UK. Copper is a natural material that is easy to work with and will last at least 100 years without requiring regular attention or repainting.

Coppa Gutta Ltd manufactures in the UK, producing a high quality copper guttering system, which is competitively priced and easy to install. Any practically minded individual, be it home-owner, builder or plumber will be able to install Coppa Gutta’s system quickly and with the minimum of effort.

When newly installed, copper has a natural bright finish. Over the course of a few weeks this finish will mellow to a deep bronze colour before developing a completely unique verdigris patina after approximately 30 years. For those who cannot wait, Coppa Gutta can supply a solution that can be applied to the new material. In a few hours it will transform from bright copper to a natural aged verdigris appearance.

With three styles of guttering available in two sizes there is something to suit all designs and ages of property, from listed buildings to modern new builds. Copper offers an economical, environmentally safe, attractive and practical solution to guttering.

For more information visit www.coppagutta.com or call (01489) 797774 and ask for a brochure and a comprehensive price list.

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