Wheelchair users take ‘Comfort’ from MACO.

Developed especially for people with limited movement the latest addition to the MACO Multi Trend family allows wheelchair users a comfortable solution to the physical barriers normally associated when operating a tilt turn window. A standard tilt and turn has the handle situated centrally on the side of the window, but this makes it almost impossible for a wheelchair user to operate. The new ‘Comfort Stay’ from MACO overcomes this barrier with its handle situated centrally on the bottom of the window, utilizing a self closing scissor stay and a tilt slide handle from the MACO Emotion range with a longer lever ensures reduced handle forces. A 90 degree turn of the handle opens the window to the turn position and fully open for cleaning whilst a 180 degree turn will allow the window to tilt for ventilation.

Benefits for the end‐user include being able to open and close the window with absolute minimum effort from a seated position.

The window complies with the Government’s National Strategy for Housing in an Ageing Society and is available in our standard face fix tilt turn or high security i.S for BS7950 specifications. Finished in MACO silver‐look with a 10 year guarantee as standard or to order in the highly corrosion resistant finish, MACO Tricoat, tested to 1000 hours in a salt spray environment and carries a 15 year guarantee.

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