“What Have David Beckham & Bobby Charlton got in Common“?

The world famous Bobby Charlton school of football located at Edgerton youth centre, Knutsford, famous for grooming the old England captain David Beckham, has recently had installed a state of the art Access 9000™ vertical platform lift manufactured and installed by The Disability Access Company Ltd™. Recently launched the Access 9000™ is the next generation of vertical platform lifts. The Access 9000™ was chosen for its stylish aesthetical looks and its use of the latest technology to drive down cost & cut down installation time – enabling cost savings to be passed on to the client.

The School of football came to The Disability Access Company Ltd™ to help them make the youth centre Accessible for all young and up coming football stars, The Disability Access Company Ltd™ kicked off this project with a quotation which stunned the client with our prices which met his budget.

Then came the installation which was a fast and cost effective installation which was finished within 2 weeks before the installation end date given to the client, this gave The Disability Access Company Ltd™ yet another win to add to there scoreboard. The Access 9000™ range is ideal for travel from a few steps up to a 5-floor rise. Designed with cost in mind without compromising quality, the Access 9000™ uses a self-supporting structure, so it can be installed in either “through floor” or simply where floor-to-floor access is required without the need of a supporting wall.

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