Westbury Joinery holds its own in PAS24 test

Westbury Windows & Joinery products recently passed PAS 24 British Standard tests in accordance with Part Q security regulations introduced last year.

The tests, which are conducted in a UKAS approved laboratory, involve a mechanical onslaught during which pistons, chains and a sandbag-style wrecking-ball are used to strike, push and pull the product imitating a break-in. Following that, a physical test ensues in which a person, armed with several tools, attempts to force entry, attacking any part or component of the product they choose including frames, locks and glass.

Westbury Director John Mumford explains: This testing is tough and each product was vulnerable to up to 7 hours of testing, but I’m pleased to say that all of our products passed. We spent a lot of time researching before manufacturing our new range and the resulting attention to detail in assembly has played a significant part in enhancing security performance. Using layers of laminated wood for added strength, specially sourced screws and fastenings, a robust multi-point locking systems, and PAS24 approved cylinder locks, we have been able to build a superior product that the PAS24 tests are no match for.

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