Welcome to the New Dawn in Solar Power

SOLYNDRA® Solar is the new photovoltaic system that is set to change the way we harvest the sun’s energy. Delivering the highest electrical output at the lowest cost, the system, available from ICB,(International Construction Bureau), has reinvented the wheel – by replacing traditional rectangular panels with lightweight grilles.

Designed for use on flat or low sloped rooftops, SOLYNDRA® Solar is a set of energy conversion efficient copper indium gallide tubes mounted on frames. Each frame is able to capture the power of direct sunlight and also diffused and reflected light on the bottoms and sides of the tubes. Output can be increased by 20% when SOLYNDRA® Solar is used with a white EVALON single ply membrane, which reflects available sunlight back on to the panels.

As the modules do not need to be inclined, they cast little shade. This means that, unlike conventional flat panels, they can be arranged next to each other, allowing for the energy harvesting potential of rooftops to be maximised. The grille design also allows air to pass through the system, keeping it cool. As photovoltaic cells operate better at lower temperatures, this natural ventilation allows SOLYNDRA® Solar to drink up even more of the sun’s unlimited energy.

The grille design further allows the pioneering unit to resist winds of up to Force 12 – hurricane strength – without the need for additional anchoring. Without the need for mechanical fixing and inclined stands, SOLYNDRA® Solar is exceptionally cost effective to install. It also means that there is no loss of waterproofing integrity to the roofing surface, so that eco-friendly energy doesn’t come at the price of a damaged rooftop.

Lightweight SOLYNDRA® Solar’s photovoltaic tubes and frames are quick and easy to install in a third of the time it takes to fit conventional panels, saving both time and money.

Suitable for new build or refurbishment projects, the groundbreaking system can be used on any type of roof construction. Because the modules have a low mass per unit area of just 16kg/m², SOLYNDRA® Solar can be fitted on low static load roofs that could not otherwise accommodate photovoltaic panels.

SOLYNDRA® Solar marks the future of photovoltaic technology.

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