We all Crave Simplicity – Get it with Ultracrete Flowcon

Ultracrete Flowcon is the answer. Flowcon is a general-purpose flowable concrete, more than ideal for concreting applications.

Ultracrete Flowcon is a pre-blended, multi-purpose concrete, for a wide range of applications including patching or post fixing. With up to 60 minutes of workability time Flowcon is:

  • High Strength
  • Flowable
  • Pre-blended to ensure a consistent quality mix
  • Achieves depths of 20mm – 200mm

Flowcon will provide you with a quality mix without the waste and inconsistency of site mixed materials. A 25kg bag will provide you with an exact amount of material that can be applied to depths of 20mm – 200mm in one pass.

Each bag of Flowcon contains aggregate, sands, chemical admixtures as well as a small pack of specialist cements. Simply add water, before applying.

From one bag you will get 1m² @ 12mm. Once the product has been applied it will achieve a compressive strength of 35.0N/mm² within 1 day and 77.0 N/mm² within 28 days, which is nearly double the strength gain of other products on the market.

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