Waterproof Defence for Cavalry Barracks

Liquid Plastics’ seamless waterproof membrane – Decothane – has recently been used to protect the roofs of the main blocks at Redford Cavalry Barracks in Edinburgh.

A number of the buildings had asphalt roofs with chippings and with the introduction of a new kitchen area, which has a large amount of plant machinery on the roof, the client required a waterproof system that could be cold applied and accommodate detail areas.

Decothane is completely cold applied in liquid form so it can easily accommodate detail work and upstands. Its cold application also allowed works to be carried out whilst the building was in use without causing disruption or a risk of fire.

The Decothane waterproofing system is extremely versatile and seamless, totally eliminating any risk of leaks. Furthermore, it can be guaranteed to last for at least 25 years before first full maintenance is required.

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