Waterloo’s Greener Plenums Boost Energy Savings

A new range of low loss plenums has been introduced by Waterloo Air Products plc to complement its range of energy efficient products.

According to Wander ter Kuile, Technical Manager, the drive to reduce system losses, particularly in Holland and Germany, has forced the application of ductwork standards onto plenums.

The standards will make systems more efficient and reduce energy consumption. As a major player in the industry Waterloo continually strives to design and manufacture energy efficient solutions and lead the way in adopting new standards and passing on the benefit its customers.

Waterloo’s range of high efficiency Active Beams is already providing customers with a greener solution, but for those customers wishing to continue using conventional fan coil or VAV systems, its new ‘green’ plenums offer substantial benefits. Built to exacting manufacturing standards the low loss plenums feature good acoustic design and offer low noise, air tightness and energy saving. They are also easy to install.

Waterloo’s plenums have been tested according to the requirements of EN 1751 and were classified as class C leakage against the criteria of EN 12237, EN 1507 and EN 15727 (parallel standards) and DW144. The test certificates to EN1751 are available on request.

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