Waterloo’s Green Book eases air terminal selection

Waterloo Air Products has published the latest edition of The Green Book, its air diffusion and acoustic manual that puts HVAC system designers, specifiers and contractors in control of their selections.

The Green Book provides comprehensive information on Waterloo’s entire range of grilles, louvres and diffusers in a handy A5 manual.

“The efficiency of air distribution systems can be significantly improved through the correct specification and selection. The Green Book is a useful tool and by using the comparative selection data, system designers can determine the most suitable air terminal device for specific applications,” says Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo Air Products.

In addition to supplying terms, definitions, symbols and performance data, The Green Book also provides formulae regularly used by HVAC system designers and includes comparative selections, special air diffusion characteristics and jet theory and characteristics.

An inbound acoustic manual is also included providing essential acoustic performance information for air terminal devices and is presented in the dBA format based on the generated sound power level less 8dB for room absorption.

This is the first air terminal reference guide available to the HVAC industry. It is anticipated that The Green Book will become a recognised source of information and widely used when specifying and/or designing air diffusion solutions.

Printed in an A5 format The Green Book is available direct from Waterloo by emailing mail@waterloo.co.uk  or a PDF version can be downloaded from the company’s website www.waterloo.co.uk

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