Waterloo’s chilled beams awarded European certification

The quality, performance and energy efficiency of Waterloo’s chilled beams have received international recognition with Eurovent certification for all its active and chilled beams.

The certification applies to all of Waterloo’s ABM/300 series of active and passive chilled beams (www.waterloo.co.uk), which are known for their energy saving properties and suitable for new build projects as well as retrofits.

“Providing added value for our customers is a continuous process. We are committed to our products becoming certified internationally which drives us to continually seeking improved performance during testing,” says Wander ter Kuile, Waterloo’s Technical Manager.

Waterloo’s ABM active chilled beam range integrates into all ceiling systems whilst meeting the demands for additional services to be provided without compromising space or performance.  Its surface mounted units can incorporate luminaires, sprinkler systems, public address systems, room sensors and cable trays

Waterloo’s range of active beams offer compact ceiling or surface mounted units that deliver efficient cooling and heating. Waterloo’s modular approach to design enables a number of modules to be fitted together and combines aesthetic consistency with the demand for good air throw characteristics.

“Eurovent is internationally recognised and provides a commercial advantage for manufacturers doing business in Europe as third party verification on quality, performance and specifications gives end users confidence in their purchase and its ability to meet their requirements” adds Wander ter Kuile.

“Although the UK is slow to take up Eurovent certification, it is increasingly becoming the standard required by companies trading in Europe.”

Eurovent is the European Association of Air Handling and Refrigerating Equipment Manufacturers and its certification programme certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.

The internationally recognised certification programme benefits manufacturers as they compete on equal terms based on comparable and verifiable test data whilst end users benefit from the integrity and accuracy of the performance ratings that guarantee the equipment will operate in accordance with its design specifications. Energy costs are also included giving and the certification addresses end user confidence that the supplied product will correspond to the initial investment.

Waterloo Air Products is a leading UK manufacturer of air terminal devices, displacement ventilation, VAV and chilled beam systems. The company continually invests in the design and manufacture of products using the latest technology. It addresses the latest industry regulations whilst delivering added value for end users through high performing, sustainable and energy efficient products that improve environments.

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