Water Shortages.

Capable of collecting groundwater from a cavity drainage membrane system, Delta Sump+Pump is available from Delta Membrane Systems.

Groundwater enters via the drained cavity of the membrane system and collects through the top opening of the Delta Sump.

Water is then pumped by a float-activated submersible pump to mains drainage or other suitable outlet.

The Delta Sump is delivered to site with all internal pipework pre-installed. This means that installation is particularly easy – a simple screw-on fitting is all that is necessary to connect the pump.

The unit is lowered into the excavation and all pipework and cable duct connections are made. The pump station is filled with water to prevent floatation, then back-filled with 100mm concrete around the sump to form part of the floor slab.

An access cover is set over the sump for maintenance purposes. Discharge pipework and cable ducts can be installed in either Heliflex armoured hose, 32mm solvent-welded drainage pipe or class C discharge pipework.

Built for durability and reliability, the system is offered with a range of accessories including high level alarms, battery back-up systems and non-return valves.

The alarm will warn if a high level situation occurs, and is supplied with an internal battery ‘for life’ to protect against power outages.

Two further back-up facilities are also offered – the Delta Power Pack and the Delta Power Plus. The Delta Power Pack is continuously being trickle-charged under normal conditions, and will automatically switch over to battery power if required.

For greater back-up capacity, the Delta Power Plus unit is offered. Up to ten units can be added, with one extra unit capable of pumping some 20,000 litres.

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