Water Saving For The Welsh Assembly

Stormsaver, the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of rainwater harvesting systems, has secured a new contract with the Welsh Assembly Government.

Stormsaver has been commission to supply a 60,000 litre below ground system to the new government bulding at Llandudno Junction, North Wales.

The modern building is being built as part of a major regeneration project aimed at promoting design and architecture in Wales. It will comprise of office accommodation for the Welsh Assembly Government, as well as a number of public spaces; including a café, gallery area and “one-stop-shop” to enable the public to access the Welsh Assembly Government’s services.

With this ethos in mind, the new building has been designed to include energy efficient resources and key sustainable features, such as rainwater harvesting. This will minimise the building’s impact on the environment, as well as being cost efficient.

The building’s 3,311m2 roof area will capture up to 2,712m3 of rainwater, which will be used in the flushing of WCs and urinals. A header tank and a UV disinfectant system will also be supplied.

The contract is worth approximately £20,000 and has been commissioned by mechanical and electrical engineering contractors, Rotary NW. It is estimated this installation will save the council up to £4,230 per annum.

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