Dimplex has revealed an eyecatching new look to selected delivery trucks which is designed to promote the company position as the heating and hot water specialist.

The new livery gives the optical illusion that the curtain sides have been flipped up by a gust of wind and, at over 13 metres long with an overall height of four metres from the ground, the livery is striking.

One design features a woman who is caught stepping out of her Dimplex shower and grabbing a towel off her Dimplex towel rail, while the second features a couple getting cosy in their living room with a glass of wine and enjoying the relaxing flame effect from their wall mounted Dimplex fire.

Karen Trewick, Dimplex marketing communications manager, comments: “When people are driving along the road any messages must be quick and simple to assimilate. Being able to ‘peek inside’ the trailer, together with the surprised look on the faces of those inside, is a fun way of promoting the Dimplex brand.

“However these vehicles each travel over 70,000 miles each year, so it’s an ideal way of showcasing name and our products to many thousands of individuals and decision makers throughout the country.”

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