Topdek, Ward’s insulated single ply roofdeck, has been used to create a stunning roof on a brand new primary school in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

The creative application of Topdek on Woodlands Community Primary School included an unusual covered play area designed to look like a circus top, which is connected to the main school building.

NPS Architects specified Topdek in anthracite grey for the project, which was commissioned by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council.

Terry Blackburn of NPS said: “Topdek was specified for the main school building, but not originally for the covered play area as it was thought that Topdek, being essentially a rectangular panel, wouldn’t be suitable for the unusual circular design. However, we regularly use Topdek for both flat and pitched roof applications, so we asked that the specification was changed and we’re delighted with the results.”

As an all-in-one single-ply roofing solution, Topdek replaces the individual processes of laying steel decking, vapour control layer, insulation and outer membrane with one simple installation which, compared to traditional built-up roofing systems, is proving to be up to 50% faster to install. Topdek’s PIR insulation core is ECOsafe, fire tested to the relevant LPCB standards, can help to achieve air leakage rates as low as 2m3/hr/m2, and receives a credit under the BREEAM 2006 assessment criteria.

Terry continued: “Topdek is very easy to use from a design perspective. The single-fix all in one composite panel kept things simple as well as being quick to install, and the easy to apply optional aesthetic standing seam provided an attractive classic effect to the roof. Topdek can provide air leakage rates lower than those specified in the Building Regulations, and it looks good too. So to be honest, Topdek was the best roofing option to accommodate all our needs.”

Ward ECOsafe panels do not contain ozone-depleting blowing agents and are classed as non-hazardous, with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

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