Wandsworth Launches Spec-Your-Own Accessories

Wandsworth Group has launched a new range of grid mounting outlets, offering specifiers a flexible selection of combined electrical sockets, USB charge points and multi-media outlets to co-ordionate with switches and sockets for a tidy and aesthetically cohesive look in any environment.


Compatible with any plate finish in Wandsworth’s Series 2, Series 3, Penthouse and Decorative ranges, the new grid mounting outlets include conventional sockets and TV aerial points along with USB charge points and a range of multi-media outlets including HDMI, ADSL, SVGA, satellite TV and speakers. Specifiers can choose from the wide range of charge points and outlets in any combination on a single, double, quad, six or eight plus section plate, to suit the installation, selecting matching sockets and switches from the Wandsworth range to create a completely co-ordinated look.

Explains Howard Solomons, senior design consultant at Wandsworth: “As the number of specialist sockets and outlets required in both domestic and commercial environments becomes increasingly wide-ranging, there is a danger that an installation can look messy if different accessories are dotted around the room with varying finishes.  Our new grid mounting outlets range has been designed to address that, enabling a bespoke arrangement of multiple outlets on one multi-gang plate to avoid an unslightly jumble of wires or mis-matched accessories and co-ordinate seamlessly with electrical sockets and light switches.”

Wandsworth anticipates that the twin or single USB charge point, currently available for the series 2 range, in conjunction with a single socket will be amongst the most popular combinations as they are ideal for a wide range of environments such as hotels, libraries and airports, where people may want to use and charge handheld devices like smart phones and tablets on the go. The company has developed an ingenious shuttered design for the USB charger sockets that is not available on any other USB charge point, ensuring that the delicate USB point is protected from pollutants when not in use, even in dustiest of environments, to deliver a long service life and excellent functionality.


Grid mounted for a sleek, flush finish, the range is available in a variety of finishes to provide a cohesive look, allowing the units to be matched with other sockets, switches and data or media outlets. The USB charge points are available in a choice of black or white to complement the choice of plate finish and interior décor.

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