Walter in The Willows

Walter Meier (Climate UK) has supplied a Blue Box Tetris chiller to maintain critical environmental conditions at the Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service in Shirley, West Midlands.

The Willows is a purpose-built, 3,000m2 veterinary hospital with 22 vets and 67 additional staff. Its facilities include six operating theatres and extensive diagnostic equipment including MRI and CT scanners.

In many of these areas it is essential to maintain design temperatures, for the health of patients and sensitive machinery as well as for the comfort of visitors and staff. Practice Manager Jenny Tubb explained: “Having air conditioning gives you the flexibility to look after the well being of people upstairs and animals downstairs. Animals that are anaesthetised cannot control their own body temperature; therefore it is essential that the ambient temperature is right.”

Having evaluated a number of options, mechanical contractor John Watson Services selected a Tetris air cooled chiller for its high energy efficiency, small footprint and low noise levels. The chiller supplies chilled water to a fan coil system and air handling unit serving the main hospital area and operating theatres.

Particularly important was the chiller’s ability to respond efficiently to variable cooling loads, achieved through the use of multiple scroll compressors, which offer reductions in electrical consumption of as much as 40%, compared to traditional semi-hermetic compressors.

Advanced software developed especially for the Tetris range enables the running of a series of auxiliary activities to further optimise performance. Consequently, fine control can be achieved for each individual chiller circuit, exploiting the most favourable condensation and evaporation temperatures.

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