Wakaflex® lead-free flashing – the cost-effective answer to metal theft

Haus Profi® Wakaflex® is a BBA-certified, lightweight, lead-free flashing which has been designed for all types of roofing abutment work. In addition to offering similar malleability to lead it has a self-adhesive butyl backing that provides exceptional bond strength and immediate weatherproofing. This makes it ideal for use on buildings where there is a threat of metal theft and for the contractor the product offers the additional benefit of being stretchable in either direction. This makes Wakaflex particularly valuable as a means of sealing gas and oil boiler flue penetrations and on tile and slate laps where the backing and facing effectively weld together to form an unbreakable bond. The material is not susceptible to thermal movement and can therefore be laid in long lengths without fixing clips. It can be cut by knife, shears or scissors and is available in a choice of four colours. 

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