Wakaflex® lead-free flashing for ultimate performance

Amongst lead-free flashings, Klober Wakaflex® continues to prove its worth as one of the market’s highest performers.

BBA-certified, it is ideal for all roofing abutment and upstand work where lead would otherwise be the material of choice. It has similar malleability to lead with the added benefit of being stretchable by up to 50% in length and 15% in width.

With no need for a forming tool or specialist application skills this makes it suitable for complex detailing, shaping around deeply profiled tiles, sealing chimney saddles and flue penetrations. Wakaflex has a high strength, self-adhesive Butylon® backing which provides immediate weatherproofing and on laps welds to the facing to create a virtually unbreakable bond.

Cut by knife or scissors, Wakaflex is not susceptible to thermal movement so can be laid in long lengths without fixing clips.  Environmentally safe,  it presents no contamination problem with water run-off and can, therefore,  be used with rainwater harvesting systems. No heat, solvents, adhesives or other additional means of fixing are needed and installation can take place in temperatures from minus 40 - 100⁰C, normally without priming. Wakaflex is also available in four colours.

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