Wade Streamline Gratings - Improved Design and Construction

We are pleased to announce our new improved range of Wade Streamline stainless steel linear drainage gratings.


Available initially in 80mm, 135mm and 150mm wide, 5mm aperture-width versions as detailed below, this new design has a superior construction method, combining greater rigidity and load characteristics together with a sleek new look.


These new versions replace previous versions as per the table below:

New Spec.
Width Length Depth Load Class Superseded Spec. Code
SS3080A5 80 500 20 A15 SS31140
SS3080A1 80 1000 20 A15 n/a
SS3135A5 135 500 20 A15 SS32150
SS3135A1 135 1000 20 A15 SS32151
SS3150A5 150 500 20 A15 SS33150
SS3150A1 150 1000 20 A15 n/a
SS3080B5 80 500 30 B125 n/a
SS3080B1 80 1000 30 B125 n/a
SS3135B5 135 500 30 B125 SS32160
SS3135B1 135 1000 30 B125 n/a
SS3150B5 150 500 30 B125 SS33160
SS3150B1 150 1000 30 B125 n/a




  • Made of stainless steel grade 304.
  • Suitable for use in high specification applications where high corrosion resistance is a requirement.
  • Wade-wire stringers are stronger than previous versions, providing improved loading characteristics
  • Wade-wire stringers continue across the grating end bars, providing greater strength and a more streamlined appearance.
  • Load bars are notched and plug-welded into side frames, providing greater strength and eliminating major dirt-traps, making this grating easy to clean and hygienic.
  • Choice of load class A15 or B125 (based on BS EN 1433).
  • Secured versions (optional - add suffix 'L' to spec. code) have a central securing screw to simplify grating removal and replacement during maintenance.

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