W.Howard Ltd goes 3D

W Howard Limited is delighted to announce that samples for MTO (Made To Order) profiles are available upon request to our customers, free of charge.

In a major advance from the supply of 2D drawings, our customers can now request a 3D model of their desired profile.

The 3D model can then be viewed in the rooms in which the profile will be used.

As pictured, the 3D printed sample weighs 15g compared to existing samples which weigh in at approximately 150g, making it a cost effective way to continue sending samples to our customers. 

The sample profiles provided will be made from polylactide (PLA), which is a biodegradable thermoplastic. They are lightweight and are an accurate dimensional representation of the finished product supplied in MDF.

To find out more about this new service, please call our sales office on 01942 881900, email us at sales@whoward.co.uk or contact us here through the website.

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