Vortice launches commercial heat recovery systems

Following the enormous success of its heat recovery systems used in the domestic housing market, Vortice has launched a series of new heat recovery systems called Vort NRG aimed at the commercial market.  Designed for energy saving and indoor air quality control in commercial premises such as bars, pubs, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms and shops, there are nine models in total, six single-phase and three three-phase models.

The Vort NRG systems recover more than 50% of the heat otherwise lost, they filter supply and exhaust air and lower running costs of both heating and air conditioning. 

Vortice Project Manager Ken Johnson said: “Heat recovery systems have been more and more popular in the domestic market, but their commercial application can have an even more dramatic effect upon energy saving.  The Vort NRG models include those suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting and can be mounted onto false ceilings.”

Commercial heat recovery systems are a particularly specialised market, but Vortice will look at each individual project and advise on the most appropriate models, their installation and commissioning in order to provide the best possible results.  Visit www.vortice.ltd.uk for more information.

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