VMZINC standing seam focal point for church annexe

St Pancras Church in Lewes, built in 1939, is of traditional period style with stone quoining and dressing around windows and doors. In order to accommodate new community facilities, BBM Architects proposed that a new annexe should be of contemporary design using a curved VMZINC standing seam roof. Use of pre-weathered QUARTZ-ZINC® has provided the most visually dynamic element of the scheme, replacing the former hipped, plain tile roof. The existing Sacristy floor was dug out to accommodate two community halls, one on top of the other. The upper hall has a gently sloping ceiling which follows the wave-lift form of the roof while to the south a new entrance hall or ‘Narthex’ with lift facilities has a roof form which echoes that of the former Sacristy. By using QUARTZ-ZINC, colour consistency will be retained while a natural, self-protecting patina which requires virtually no maintenance will continue to develop for decades to come.

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