VMZINC celebrates 180th anniversary

2017 marks the 180th anniversary of the founding of VMZINC® or ‘Société des Mines et Fonderies de Zinc de la Vieille Montagne’ as it was originally known. The company now manufactures zinc for roofing, façades, rainwater goods and heritage ornamentation, combining contemporary products with those which still employ the skills of craftsmen for historic building restorations worldwide. The company was integrated into the Union Minière Group in 1989, and in 1994 Vieille Montagne became VMZINC (retaining the letters “V” and “M”). With over 2.7 billion m² installed across the globe, the brand has an international reputation across all five continents.

With a strong contemporary image as a mainstream building product, VMZINC rolled zinc offers malleability, flexibility, durability and corrosion resistance and has enjoyed a resurgence in the UK. Ideal for seaming and detailing, its subtle pre-weathered colours are evocative of the metal and offer scope for use in new build or refurbishment projects across the design spectrum.

VMZINC‘s international design competition, the ARCHIZINC TROPHY, has been showcasing original, quality architecture for almost 15 years. It illustrates the diversity of project and adaptability of zinc to suit diverse cultures, environments and architectural styles.

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