VMZINC® adds bespoke PIGMENTO colours

VMZINC has been well known for its distinctive PIGMENTO shades of red, green, blue and brown since 2005. Now, the company has taken the development to another level by introducing bespoke colours, examples of which are orange, beige, yellow, purple and grey. In addition, it is offering a colour matching service for individual projects against most RAL numbers from the Classic Palette. Bespoke colours can be manufactured in minimum 3-tonne quantities, a recent example being the grey produced for roofs and façades on the extensive Fulham Wharf development.

PIGMENTO colours create a unique visual aesthetic unlike that available in any other metal. They are created through use of modern pigment technology which enables the naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc to be seen through the colour, in much the same way as that of wood does through varnish. The colours are not painted finishes, having been created by adding mineral pigments to a durable, self- protecting coating to create beautifully organic, pre-weathered zinc which patinates naturally. The result is a revolutionary, virtually maintenance-free finish that blends well with most construction materials in either contemporary or traditional architecture.

PIGMENTO specifications range from social housing to hospitals, schools and infrastructure projects, the most striking being those in which a combination of colours has been used. The zinc can be formed into a traditional standing seam or supplied in systems such as interlocking, flatlock or composite panels.

For more information on PIGMENTO or any of VMZINC’s other pre-weathered zinc colours go to http://www.vmzinc.co.uk/zinc-basics/surface-appearances.html.

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