VMZINC achieves 3 more sustainability milestones

Further weight has been added to VMZINC’s credentials in respect of sustainability with 3 key assessments of performance. The award of a BRE Green Guide A+ rating for the company’s Standing Seam roofing system on boards was accompanied by the Overlapping Panel system achieving an environmental profile score of 0.84 UK Ecopoints from the BRE Centre for Sustainable Construction. This took account of 13 key issues over a 60 year service life while further weathertightness tests, following Centre for Window and Cladding Technology procedure, confirmed that water penetration, wind resistance and impact resistance all far exceeded BS EN curtain walling standards.

Ecopoint 'issue headings' are:-

  • Climate change

  • Fossil fuel depletion

  • Ozone depletion

  • Freight transport

  • Human toxicity to air

  • Human toxicity to water

  • Waste disposal

  • Water extraction

  • Acid deposition

  • Ecotoxicity

  • Eutrophication

  • Summer smog

  • Minerals extraction

By comparing each environmental impact to a "norm", all can be measured on the same scale. BRE has taken as its norm the impacts of a typical UK citizen, making assessments based on "normalised" data which gives all the measured issues the same importance. BRE has undertaken an extensive study to identify weightings for the range of sustainability issues.

The resulting environmental issue weightings have been used to weight the normalised environmental impacts to provide the Ecopoints score.

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