Video: Walters Way and Segal Close book launch

Walters Way and Segal Close: The Architect Walter Segal and London's Self-Build Community. A look at two of London’s most unusual streets.  By Alice Grahame and Taran Wilkhu

Walter Segal was a visionary architect who designed homes that ordinary people could build themselves. Born in trained in Berlin, Segal is said to be the only architect with two London streets named after him – Walters Way and Segal Close. Produced by current residents, the book traces the history and looks at how the homes have been adapted while retaining their strong community spirit.

Speakers include:

- Tom Dyckhoff, TV presenter and Segal enthusiast

- Kareem Dayes, founder of RUSS, a Segal inspired self-build housing group. 

- Jon Broome, architect who knew and worked with Segal, and self-builder of a house in Segal Close

- John McKean, architectural historian and biographer of Walter Segal

- Alice Grahame, resident of Walters Way and author of Walters Way and Segal Close

- Taran Wilkhu, resident of Segal Close and photographer/co-author of Walters Way and Segal Close.

- Pauline Kennedy, resident of Segal Close, who built her house under the guidance of Walter Segal


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