Video: Harder, lighter, faster, stronger

Discover how the essential materials of buildings can perform in ways that challenge old physics.

Innovation is taking place from molecular level upwards, going back in time as well as forward. From advances in steel to the rediscovery and extension of how we build with stone, this set of talks and panel discussion will invite you to rethink the first principles of making structures. What’s at stake are buildings that can push form and function more efficiently.

Speakers include:

- Steve Webb, co-founder and director of Webb Yates Engineers

- Pierre Bidaud, project manager at The Stonemasonry Company

- Jitendra Patel, director of International Metallurgy

- Chair: Lewis Blackwell, curator of SuperMaterial

This talk is part of the SuperMaterial event series, curated by The Built Environment Trust. The event programme is kindly supported by Trimo.


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