Video: Building without bias


In this video, Marina Otero Verzier, Florence Okoye, Hannah Rozenberg and Nina Power discuss the potential for digital tools and automated technologies to create a post-binary, inclusive built environment. 

The production of architectural space in the digital age is increasingly reliant on automated technologies which infer that data is truth. But this ‘truth’ is saturated with the bias and prejudice inherent in contemporary society, with serious implications for the design of our built environment.

Hannah Rozenberg’s award winning research project, Building without Bias, found that artificially intelligent technologies understood ‘architect, steel, cement and screw’ as terms most associated with males, while ‘tearoom, kitchen and nursery’ were among the most female. With algorithmic design methods set to increase, what will be the implications for architecture and our urban fabric? 


This event is produced by the Building Centre and supported by The Built Environment Trust.

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