Victorian Woodwork’s reclaimed timbers bring a home to life

In these increasingly environmentally aware times, designers and architects are asking themselves how they can incorporate reclaimed alternatives when specifying building materials. By encompassing an environmental responsibility, and embracing their passion for ‘all things’ wood, Victorian Woodworks offer their clients an amazing range of stunning Reclaimed timbers that will grace any environment, and work in unison with a mixture of surfaces.

One such project has been a creatively refurbished 551m2 period warehouse, located in fashionable Primrose Hill. The architects’ vision was to design a sustainable home that not only offered contemporary living in one of London’s most desirable locations, but also offers a large number of environmental and eco friendly features. In order to ensure a highly energy efficient home, numerous features were incorporated including a biomass heating system, ‘grey water’ recycling, solar panels, wind turbine, hemp and natural cork insulation, unfired clay bricks and water efficient appliances.

For advice and supply on the most suitable flooring and cladding, Victorian Woodworks were called upon. After consultation with the architect, they supplied sustainable timbers that would ensure durability and stability, as well as ensuring that the chosen reclaimed wood played off the other surfaces within the property, which included steel and slate, as well as an abundance of natural light.

Victorian Woodworks selected Reclaimed Antique Georgian Oak for the extensive First, Second and Third Floor areas. Renowned for strength and stability, Antique Georgian Oak also displays natural characteristics including a deep colour and patina of the boards, and character knots and shakes in the wood.

For the Ground Floor Guest Suite, long, wide original face Antique Pitch Pine Boards were chosen. The origin of the timber and the elements that the wood was exposed to during its life, results in a unique variation of colour tone, grain structure and character.

For something rather different and special, the staircase treads and risers were produced in Jarrah, which is a hard wearing, richly coloured, dark brown timber.

For the Roof Garden decking, Green Heart wood was selected as it requires no treatment, making it a very ‘green solution’. Green Heart is a timber with exceptional qualities as it is almost immune to decay and has a proven reputation for longevity, even in extreme conditions.

For the exterior walls of the 62m2 Roof Garden, which offers panoramic views of London, Barrel Oak cladding was selected, as not only does it purvey a striking aesthetic appeal, but assures high durability against the weather elements.

Phil Wilson of Victorian Woodworks remarked, “This development is an outstanding example of how a sustainable design can be successfully and effectively incorporated into a modern environment. The careful selection of our reclaimed timbers helped to complete what can only be described as a luxurious property that has been passionately created with environmental responsibility and design flair”.

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