Vertical Cascade Flue in Vogue

Located in the heart of the London’s fashionable ‘garment district’ is the latest development by Higgins Homes, Vogue E1. The heating system has been supplied by Evinox, and includes 44 Geminox boilers and their unique vertical cascade flue system.

The unique vertical cascade flue system enables up to 11 boilers on 11 levels to share a common 110mm flue riser, thus preventing multiple flue penetrations through the roof or façade.

The clients’ decision to choose the cascade system was driven by their desire to maintain the façade of this sleek iconic building, and with modern apartments increasingly using internal service risers the cascade system provides the perfect solution.

The inbuilt microprocessor within the Geminox boiler enables adjustment of fan speeds to suit flue conditions and provide a balanced boiler and flue system. This guarantees optimum performance and efficiency, enables full boiler power output to be achieved, and ensures that the life expectancy of the boiler fan is not shortened because it has been overworked. The exceptionally low noise levels of the Geminox boilers ensure that cascade flue systems do not transfer any noise and are compliant with Part E Building Regulations.

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