Versatility and flexibility module by module

Following the highly successful launch of its new modular furniture collection last year, and in response to customer demand, Shades Bathrooms has extended the range to include Aspen, featuring the very latest in contemporary styling in crisp white with a quality high gloss finish.

With its clean lines and minimal styling, Aspen from Shades is extremely versatile, offering endless design possibilities that enable various furniture pieces to be combined to suit the space available and create a truly individual and contemporary look.

Designed to appeal to a young, style-conscious market, Aspen features a simple white slab door and includes a wash station available with either a single drawer or double drawer configuration for ample storage in 600mm and 900mm widths.  The wash stations can be completed with either a statement sit-on basin to give the room a real focal point or a choice of more streamlined inset basins. 

Shades also offers a choice of two WC units to complement the wash stations, including one which incorporates valuable storage above the WC pan, making ingenious use of this wasted space.  The WC units can accommodate either a back-to-wall pan or a cutting-edge wall-hung pan in order to tailor the look to the individual bathroom style. 

Other key pieces in the collection include a tower unit, double mirrored wall units and an innovative wall-mounted rotating cabinet, all providing ample storage space to keep the bathroom clutter-free.

The collection is completed with a stylish halo mirror, aptly named due to the halo of light that surrounds the mirror that sheds a flattering ambient light - perfect for positioning above a washstation.

Get the wow factor with the Aspen modular range.  Shades is supporting the launch of Aspen with a new suite of point of sale material, a new brochure and a new display stand.

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