As private housebuilders face the 2010 deadline to meet Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes on their developments, Vent-Axia has become the first manufacturer to launch a complete range of low energy DC residential fans. Following an expansion to Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon™ series of energy efficient ventilation products, housebuilders can be confident Vent-Axia will supply exactly the product they need to comply with the Code.

With homes accounting for nearly 30% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, constructing sustainable homes is key to meeting the Government’s carbon reduction targets. But housebuilders have faced a tough time recently overcoming the challenges of both a housing slump and working out how to meet the Government’s carbon cutting targets.

As the UK drives towards low to zero carbon homes and buildings become more air tight, the energy penalty of ventilation within the Code for Sustainable Homes calculations becomes key for housebuilders. Never before has it been as important for developers to balance the requirements of ventilation and energy efficiency. But, with the Code allowing housebuilders to adopt many design approaches to achieve a ‘sustainable home’ it is important to obtain expert advice on how to achieve the best outcomes.

Within the Code ventilation can be key to gaining crucial points by reducing the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) through the use of SAP Appendix Q listed products. Valuable additional credits can also be scored through the use of controlled ventilation in bathrooms with a drying line used as an internal drying space for clothes. Meanwhile, as mandatory Code levels continue to rise, buildings will become increasingly air tight boosting the adoption of whole house Mechanical Extract Ventilation systems (MEV and dMEV) and Mechanical Extract Ventilation systems with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

As experts in low carbon ventilation, Vent-Axia can help housebuilders make the right ventilation choices for their projects. Vent-Axia also simplifies the selection process by providing a comprehensive range of energy efficiency products under one banner – the Lo-Carbon™ series. Offering up to 90% energy savings, the Lo-Carbon™ range is an ideal choice for sustainable house building and complying with Code Levels.

Recent exciting additions to the Lo-Carbon™ series include the following SAP Appendix Q listed products:
 the Sentinel Kinetic Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, capable of 90% heat recovery and so designed to help reduce the DER of new build properties;
 the Sentinel Multivent whole house ventilation system, a continuous ‘on demand’ mechanical extract system capable of simultaneous ventilation of different rooms;
 the versatile multi purpose Quadra, ground-breaking unitary fan technology, a domestic fan equally well suited to kitchen, bathroom, toilet or utility room, in both new build and retrofit applications;
 the innovative Centra a discreet, near silent dMEV solution with the lowest specific fan power on SAP Appendix Q.

Meanwhile, the Lo-Carbon™ range is not only the energy efficient option, but also the affordable option, allowing developers to overcome the challenge of complying with the Code, while also staying within budget.

With the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon™ range we hope to address the energy and environmental issues facing housebuilders and provide our customers with the affordable products they need to lower carbon and meet legislation.

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