Lo-Carbon ventilation specialist Vent-Axia has teamed up on a recent project with Redbridge Homes, the arms length management organisation (ALMO) set up by the London Borough of Redbridge to manage and improve its housing stock. Vent-Axia is helping Redbridge Homes to save energy while providing a comfortable indoor environment for tenants with its state-of-the-art Lo-Carbon Sentinel Demand controlled ventilation system.

The project involved Vent-Axia supplying 14 energy efficient Lo-Carbon Sentinel Twin fans and time clocks to replace very old central extract fans in six 11-storey blocks of flats within the Redbridge Homes’ housing stock. 1st Cool Ltd the ventilation contractor installed the fan units on the roofs of the buildings, connecting them to existing ductwork that ran through the blocks.

David Mustoe, Operations Director of 1st Cool Ltd explains: “The installation was a single application to renew the central extract fan units for the bathrooms in six blocks of flats. The Vent-Axia fans were chosen as the ideal energy efficient option, offering reduced running costs and the ability to control fan speeds when not in demand.”

With the Sentinel system, operation is controlled and triggered by the demands of the space, for example, to meet demands due to room occupancy levels or due to an increase in humidity levels when a tenant uses a shower. The system then utilises the latest control and EC/DC motor technology to respond to these exact ventilation requirements. Using the minimum energy needed, it automatically supplies or extracts air to meet the preset levels, removing the risk of over-ventilation which could waste valuable money and energy while preventing under ventilation thereby maintaining optimum indoor air quality.

“When it came to replacing the central extract fans in six of our 11-storey blocks of flats it made good sense to opt for the Sentinel Demand controlled ventilation system. The Sentinel Twin fans enabled us to both improve the indoor air quality of our tenants’ homes and make huge energy savings by only operating the fans when they are needed,” explains John Wingett, Project Manager, Asset Management, Redbridge Homes.

The Sentinel system is available as either single or twin units for ‘run’ and ‘standby’ applications and for automatic load sharing in high duty applications. Fan sizes range from 100mm to 500mm for both singles and twins with airflow from 0.01 to 1.2m³/s at pressure up to 650 Pa with high efficiency backward curved impellers.

Vent-Axia’s Sentinel Demand range of ventilation products is part of Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon™ collection of energy saving ventilation solutions. The comprehensive ventilation range is supported by extensive technical advice, design and ventilation applications expertise. Vent-Axia can help local authorities, consultants, specifiers, building owners and self builders to understand key legislation, such as the Code for Sustainable Homes, and help match the right ventilation equipment to project requirements while identifying possible carbon savings.

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