Vectair Blast…The Fastest Hand Dryer in the West (and East)!

The countdown to your purchase of a Blast Hand Dryer starts now, 10…9…8…7…6…

Trying to dry your hands after washing them can be a frustratingly slow task, and with the world’s population becoming increasingly time conscious and environmentally aware, an ultra fast, energy efficient hand dryer is needed.

The quick thinking bods at the world leaders of hygiene innovation, Vectair Systems have found the solution that will Blast all competing hand dryers off the wall. With a drying speed of just 10 seconds, Vectair’s Blast ultra quick automatic hand dryer evaporates residual moisture, completely drying hands. Only using 1/6th of the energy used by conventional hand dryers, Blast is one of the most environmentally friendly hand drying systems available.

The powerful Blast hand dryer costs up to 95% less to run than paper towels and 80% less than competing dryers, so it will kick start cost saving activities.

Not only is the Blast hand dryer very fast, it was built with the environment in mind; the cast iron cover with a ceramic finish is 100% recyclable and provides a robust and durable unit that will resist vandalism and misuse.

In a range of three colours, white, black and grey, the stylish and sleek design of Blast ensures that it tops the class on beauty as well as its performance.

…5….4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

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