Vari-Level Membrane Clamping Collars with Gasket

A pipework blockage can cause water to back up to a gully potentially resulting in a leak below the membrane clamping collar.


To address this risk, a neoprene gasket is now being supplied to seal the collar to the body.


This applies to Wade Vari-Level series where a membrane clamping collar is required to fit a grating or access cover to a body.


This does not apply where a membrane clamping collar is optional (i.e. where the grating or access cover fits directly into a body) or where the application calls for weepholes in the collar.


As applicable, Wade will supply free of charge gaskets with the relevant collars together with fasteners to be used in accordance with installation instructions that accompany the goods.


Vari-Level threaded joints should still be sealed using a suitable good quality sealant.

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