Using natural materials to enhance interior design

Albed not only represent some of the best modern Italian interior and architectural design, but their dedication to using natural materials to enhance interiors still prevails today. Their interior doors, shelving units and partition systems incorporate minimalist design with maximum use of natural and recyclable materials. Aluminium, glass, and wood: three noble materials with a starring role in modern architecture, naturally harvested and used in cutting-edge architectural products that are found in the home, kitchens, offices, bedrooms and boardrooms.


Aluminium sits at the forefront of contemporary interior product design. Modern processing techniques have allowed companies to exploit the raw material as a design feature and maintain a low environmental impact in doing so. As it makes up 8% of the earth’s crust, aluminium is a readily available material that can be easily and sustainably collected. Its robust nature and resistance to UV rays, bending, discolouration and rust mean it is a perfect material for door frames and sliding rails, and doesn’t require upkeep. The creative possibilities of this natural material are becoming greater with each passing year, and Albed’s evolving range of doors and sliding partition systems makes this the perfect material to add function, structural integrity and elegance to an interior.

With Albed focused on adaptability of their products, it follows that the materials used in their products would be highly adaptable too. Their partition system ALL WAYS is shrouded in an anodised aluminium frame, accenting its glass structure and offering a single aluminium profile, positioned either horizontally or vertically. This clever, minimal design means natural light pours into a space, lighting commercial and residential interiors with ease.


Natural, but also decorative, glass has three main uses in architectural products: it distributes natural light around an internal space, reflects sound, and creates a sophisticated aesthetic. Because of this, glass plays an integral part in Albed’s product design, and its place in the home and office – where light and quietness are required – is becoming more and more important in every project. Glass maximises the feeling of space and proves itself as a versatile and appropriate material for refined yet functional products without limitations.

Like aluminium, glass is also very adaptable and lends itself well to a range of different projects, ideas and designs. Albed’s SAIL sliding door is the epitome of contemporary interior glass application: a single pane of safety glass that provides a sleek, unassuming aesthetic, with clear, frosted, etched or patterned designs available. While it excels as a sliding door, a chic all-glass swing door can also be specified, showcasing the versatility and future-proofing nature of glass as a material for interior projects.


Wood’s popularity as a material for doors can be traced back hundreds if not thousands of years. It has a distinctive place in interior design, as it remains a common material readily available to reshape interiors, define spaces and offer a new aesthetic to a room. Adding warmth, depth and a contrasting visual to an interior space, wood is a fantastically versatile material for use in doors. Responsibly sourced and FSC certified, many of Albed’s swing hinge doors feature a special wood finish, from white ash and walnut to wenge and black ash.

The inspired use of wood is seen in Vista Girevole, a specialised rotating shelving system, acting as storage solution and partition. In a moment, a wall of shelving becomes an open doorway. It is designed with fluidity in mind, but its various wood finishes add the charm and appeal of a natural surface.


Working and forming close relationships with some of Italy’s prestigious interior designers creates a wealth of knowledge and experience which Albed use to approach new product designs and use of natural materials. The unique application of wood, aluminium and glass has earned the company and the respective product designers a number of prestigious Reddot Design Awards. These natural materials, crafted in the minds of architects and designers and in the hands of craftsmen and woodworkers, are in projects all over the world, from Montreux to Singapore.

Albed champion wood, glass and aluminium as materials that are easily available with a low environmental impact, and adaptable to a range of interior design products – and continues to find new and exciting ways to implement them in outstanding products. 

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